Caring for a Dog in Hot Weather

A dog needs shade

When the weather outside turns hotter, it’s important to not forget about your dog. Dogs have the same needs as people when it comes to staying cool when the temperature skyrockets. The first thing to ensure your dog has is shade.

When the sun beats down, simply getting out of the direct sunlight can help a dog stay cool. It’s important to make sure the dog can get his entire body into the shade. Temperatures in the shade can be several degrees cooler.

Good sources of shade for a dog include a large tree, an area under a deck, an area next to the side of a building, or a dog house. The dog house itself must also be in the shade or it will act more like an oven then a place of rest.

A dog needs water

The second important thing your dog needs on hot days is access to lots of water. Just like people, a dog can get dehydrated quickly and this can lead to becoming physically ill or death.

Since dogs have no sweat glands, a dog dissipates heat by panting, opening his mouth and exposing his tongue to the air. They also dissipate some heat through their ears, but not as much.

Giving a dog access to clean, fresh water ensures that he can replenish the water he is losing as he pants. Cool water also helps to lower the dogs internal temperature.

If you can give your dog a good hosing or sprinkler, he can also keep his entire body cool by getting wet and the evaporating water will cool him off. Another way to help the dog cool off to give them an ice cube or a block of ice to chew on.