Human Food that is Poisonous to Dogs

There are many foods that people love to eat that are poisonous to our furry doggie friends. Many of these foods are delicious and well meaning owners want to share them with their dogs, but this is a bad idea.

Chocolate and dogs

It’s well known that chocolate is bad for dogs. There is a chemical in chocolate that can kill a dog if consumed in enough quantity. This does not mean that every time a dog eats chocolate he is going to die. But it’s best to try and keep your dog away from all items made of chocolate.

Grapes and dogs

Grapes? Who knew grapes were toxic to dogs? Grapes and raisins to be precise. Since a raisin is a dried up grape this makes sense. Grapes are not great for a dog to eat. It seems like an innocuous food, but it’s bad for the dog. So don’t feed it to them

Mushrooms and dogs

This one is kind of expected. Mushrooms are a fungus. Many of them are edible by people but probably wouldn’t go over as well in a dogs digestive tract. And even for people, if you eat the wrong kind of mushroom, it can spell death.

Tobacco and dogs

As with people, tobacco is poisonous to dogs. People think it’s great to smoke the stuff, breathing to chemical laden smoke into the lungs, getting a buzz off of the chemicals in the tobacco plant and whatever choice chemicals cigarette companies put into them. But should your dog ingest tobacco, it can be quiet harmful to him.

What should you do if your dog eats something poisonous?

If your dog eats something poisonous, first contact your veterinarian and explain what the dog ate and how much. They may advise giving the dog something to make him throw up or they may tell you to bring the dog in. Whatever they say, do it.